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It was in 1984 that Kamal Nassif, heir to the Ambassador of the Lebanese Gastronomy in France, had the good sense to open Loubnane, continuing the work of his uncle: Rachid Youssef Makhoul, who was the first to try their luck dice 1952 by Chez Rachid, the delights of Lebanon, the only Lebanese restaurant in France. - Quality, home, passion has always been the currency of all establishments that Rachid Kamal and his brothers had the pleasure to know you over the years. - If the history of Lebanon is as complex as rich, what about her Gastronomy? Varied, fine and full of paradoxes, you will find in each of the dishes offered a delicious perfume of the Middle East, a subtle blend of spices and a story that Kamal and his team will surely tell you. - The Loubnane is one of those magical places or form has nothing to envy to the bottom; take time to discover the 13th Century Private rooms in the basement, drenched in history, they will transport you somewhere in the Land of Cedars or the meal is much more than a break in the day ... - It's your turn, close your eyes and let yourself be lulled by the favorite cuisine du Général de Gaulle ...

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